Jobs To Thrive Despite AI And Automation?

  • Aman 

Despite the Automation and AI, many jobs are going to thrive in the near future, such as: –

  • Robot Manufacturer & Service Management:
    People look at the likes of Boston Dynamics and scratch their heads. Although impressive, their robots are nowhere near close to what a human can do. Still, if you focus on how much progress they’ve made in the last couple of years and assume the industry will keep at it at a similar pace, you might be out of a job fairly soon.
  • Raw Materials Management:
    Ok, there will be Robots in the future doing most of the things but what are robots made of?  Break that down and you’re off to a great start.
  • Automation Engineers
  • Big Data & AI Scientists:
    Algorithms will take over analytics.
  • Artificial Bodies Manufacturer:
    Artificial bodies is likely to be the most lucrative industry of the 22nd century. Think of it like this: if someone cut your arm of, would you, still be you? What if we continue this process, how much can you remove from your body and still be you? Some might say, almost everything except for your brain. Ok, let’s work with that.
  • Virtual World Designer:
    VR & AR are the new frontier. An unexplored land filled with potential and awaiting to be built. That’s where you come in. Somebody will have to design everything in our newfound worlds, from buildings to chairs, to what inhabits it and more. Even better, you are no longer limited by the restraints of the real world.

On the other hand, jobs such as taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, uber drivers and delivery drivers are all on the verge of complete automation. Several startups in Germany and USA are already backed by the government and they’re betting hard on self-driving trucks. All major car manufacturers are headed towards Electric & Self Driving cars and those who won’t will be left behind. In the near future, riding a car will be like getting in an elevator. You just have to press a button and it will take you to wherever you want to go.  Not only drivers but farming, house hold work and other millennial task that require few skills will be Performed by Automated bots.


Singapore, South Korea, and Germany topped a recent survey of how countries across the world are dealing with rapidly advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technology primed to automate millions of jobs in the coming years.


Increasing office automation makes it easier for a small business to compete with larger competitors, but progress always comes at a price. Overall, robots can’t replace humans and they won’t eliminate the human touch.